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Happy New Year's Eve to all.
I raise a toast in the memory of the good old days when some New Yorkers actually went to Times Square and not only were the mailboxes not removed and the manhole covers soldered shut, you could actually bring a bottle of champagne and drink it right there. Back then people would actually linger in the square for hours after, partying, rather than disappearing within minutes of the ball dropping because they have been denied a bathroom break for 12 hours or longer. Ah, the old days.
Harvard Economist Says NYC Will Weather Recession Well (NY Times via The Real Deal)
Casino Owner In Luck With A Double At 15 CPW (Curbed)
5 Franklin Place Development For Sale, Yes The Whole Thing (Curbed)
National House Prices Continue Fall, NYC Falls But Not As Much (The Real Deal)
A Renter's Market For Office Space (NY Times)


  1. Harvard economist? LOL. Maybe they minding their own store - we're estimating the Harvard endowment is down 40-50% this year. Why does their opinion matter again?

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