The Lucida: Nexus Of The Drug Store And Coffee Universe!

Newest Duane Reade, 84th and Lex (SouthEast Side)

Rumored CVS, 84th and Lex (NorthEast Side)

Convenience, you want convenience? Well, The Lucida, the condo on 85th and Lex, might just be the place for you! Sure, there are the 4,5, and 6 trains on the corner, but how about getting that scrip filled or a hot cup of joe? No problem. Really, really, no problem!

It seems The Lucida has found itself in the middle of Coffee and Drugstore heaven. There is a Starbucks across the street, but if the servers give you attitude or something, there is another one a block up Lex at 87th, or yet another on 84th and Third. Drugs, oh you can get your drugs from Lucida. Hopefully you like Duane Reade, cause there are plenty o' Duane Reades in these parts. There is one diagonally across the street at 86th and Lex and another newly expanded one at 84th and 3rd. Not enough, no problem, The Lucida showroom itself (84th and Lex) is now being converted to, you guessed it, a Duane Reade! Perhaps you shun 86th Street, and that Duane Reade a block away is just wayyy too far for you. Good news, the 2 vacant retail spaces on Lex between 84th and 85th (next to the nearest Starbucks) are being converted to a CVS. If you are cool crossing the street and all, you also have a Walgreen's on 86th and Lex. Did I forget about books? Ah yes, you have 2 Barnes and Nobles within a block to tide you over until a massive Barnes and Noble opens in your building. So within 2 blocks you have 3 Starbucks, 5 drugstores, and 2 Barnes and Nobles.

Don't even get me started on banks!


  1. The convenience of two Barnes & Nobles will not last long, as they are closing those branches to consolidate them into one. But fear not, as they are moving those two into a single branch... downstairs in the Lucida. I don't know if there will be a Starbucks inside this particular B & N, though.


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