Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Links

Swine Flu, it's all the rage. Already this morning, the Swine Flu has been blamed for many things- a stronger dollar, weaker oil prices, a sell off in Dow futures, but no deaths here in the U.S. fortunately. The media is eating it up. Morning news programs have gone to all Swine Flu, all the time, it seems. Just give the media anything that could sound scary to the public and they can't help themselves. Sure, just like any flu bug, it has the potential to become a pandemic, but do we freak out about every flu strain that comes down the line? No. Millions of Americans get the flu every year and 35,000 die from it. But, give it a scary name and all hell breaks loose!
Eight Queens Students Test Positive For Swine Flu, Area On Alert (Newsday)
More Deals Completely Negotiated By Blackberry (NY Times)
Sold For Don't Ask! (NY Times)
Values May Be Slipping, But Property Taxes Expected To Jump 10% (Gotham Gazette)
Prices And Sales Drop Most In The Northeast (Pottstown Mercury)
The Opportunist's Guide To Real Estate (NY Mag)

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  1. who are these swine?

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