Queens Plaza Revitalization Revitalized With Stimulus Funds

It's on! The greening of Queens Plaza should commence this year. No, really, this time, really! According to a document put out by the Bloomberg administration, $37 Million of stimulus funds will be used towards the $135 Million cost, the rest will be paid for by the city and federal gov't. "Bidding" is expected this summer with "completion" of spring 2011. I use quotations because I am still skeptical.
Long Island City Vision (NYC EDC: Warning PDF)
NYC Government "Stimulus Tracker" (NYC.Gov)

UPDATE- (4/1/09) I spoke to the NYC EDC this afternoon and they tell me that all contracts have already been bid and that construction should start by June.


  1. finally! every time I search this topic I find articles from 2003 saying the project should be done by 2007!


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