What's Happening On East 14th? Not Much!

Top left- 14th bet A&B. Top right- Kennedy Chicken Is Still PC. Bottom left- Millstein lot bet 2nd &3rd. Bottom right- future 123 Third.

Walking East 14th Street today from Avenue C to Third Avenue is something like walking in a time warp. If you haven't walked the area in 20 years, you haven't missed much of anything. Yes, there is the north side of the "A Building", but that is just a spec in the sea of all that hasn't changed. It could easily be the late 70's- the area is littered with 99 cent stores, discount shops, bodegas, etc...Of Course, on the north side of the street from Avenue C to 1st Avenue stands Stytown, and aside from the window frames turning green and some better landscaping, that looks the same as it has forever.

Notably, between Second and Third Avenues, the Millstein lot that takes up half the block on 13th and about 25' on 14th still stands vacant. Weren't they going to build that about 5 years ago? Guess not, but there is a new green carpet of weeds on the lot, and a couple a graffiti artist have refreshed their works.

The only action East of Third Ave is on the SE corner of 3rd where Orange Management of 22 Renwick fame have actual construction equipment in motion. Expected there is an 18 story condo with 45 units. I have a pretty good lead on unravelling the mystery of what the building may look like, so stay tuned!

In short, if it's the old, gritty NYC you long for, you don't need a time machine, just an hour or so to soak in East 14th Street.


  1. It's kind of a faux gritty. Bunch of NYU students walking around yacking on their cell phones. But once you get deeper into Albhabet City, it quiets down and you sorta feel the old NYC still whimpering in the corner. However, it's really amazing that that lot hasn't been developed. I say they get over it, build something that will house all the young, striped shirt wearing douchebags and bring down the prices for the rest of it. That lot is a bit of an embarrassing eyesore.


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