LIC Update: 10-50 Gets It's Shine On, Details On Mystery Condo...

Scaffolding Coming Down To Reveal 10-50's Shine

Mystery Condo Now Has Windows

Hunters View and Mystery Condo

10-50 Jackson- Looks like the scaffolding is peeling back to reveal the appealing shine of 10-50 Jackson's exterior. Looks good! It is a far cry from the multi shades of brown brick seen in the area of late.
LIC Mystery Condo- Up on Jackson (+49th Ave), right next to Hunters View, the mystery condo is making incredible progress. Virtually nonexistent a few months ago, the building has topped and is now getting windows-o-plenty. It has a name, and I know it, but I have sworn to secrecy once again! I can tell you that there is no doubt that it will be condo, around 122 units, designed by Cetra/Ruddy, and will have an abundance of luxury amenity space. Sales are expected to start early summer. Other than that, my lips are sealed (arggg).
5SL- Made a stop by to see my friends in the sales office there, and I have to tell you the place looks ready for occupancy. Word has it clearance for closings could come within a couple of weeks. Only 22 units remain including a pair of 2 bedrooms on the Southwest corner of the larger building that have great light and views. I would figure as soon as people see real live people in the building, the remaining units will probably move quickly.


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