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In an ongoing effort to "green" our office, we continue our quest to save energy. While we are only one office, we will use our blog to help others to save energy and green up their offices as well. So, on occasion, we will pass along "Green Office Tips". Hopefully, some of you will implement them so that our efforts are multiplied.
Here is one tip which is easy to adopt, it only takes a couple of minutes, but can save tons of energy. Your computer is a big-time energy hog. Often one's computer will sit idle for hours, sometimes even overnight. So, if you don't already do it, it is easy to change your computer settings to turn off the monitor and hard disk after a set amount of time, thereby saving tons of energy. If you run on windows xp, or similar system here is how you do it:
1. Click "start" button, then "control panel".
2. Click "appearance and themes", then "display".
3. Click the "screen saver" tab at the top, then "monitor power"
4. Under "power schemes" you can set the amount of time that can surpass before your monitor and hard disk automatically turn off.
It's a great way to cut consumption in a big way with little effort or inconvenience.
For more "Green Office Tips", check the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Website


  1. Going "green" is almost synonymous with being a cheapskate. All the suggestions wind up saving money, too.


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