Main Beach, EH Pushed Into Parking Lot

For a pretty low key winter with few Nor'Easters to even talk about, the amount of erosion at Main Beach in East Hampton seemed pretty significant. Where the South end of the parking lot meets the beach, it appears the beach is winning! In one corner (bottom right of the picture above) the sand is up to 3 feet deep. Also notice the bench and bike rack also under 2 feet of sand. Over the winter it seems like there has been a big push of sand both into the parking lot and inland. The water line from the previous high time also seemed to be at least 30 feet further in than usual. The much protected Piping Plover nests up in the dunes certainly had a challenging winter to say the least.

On a real estate note, I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. The East Hampton Star still has plenty of full-page ads with multi multi-million dollar listings, and the number of yard signs advertising homes for sale has diminished compared to last fall. I'll have more insight as soon as I hear back from some of my sources here, but it seems like this part of the Hamptons at least may just be the 15 CPW of Long Island.


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