Monday Morning Links

Today is the big day, when, if the goalposts aren't moved, that the Mayor's Congestion Pricing plan either lives or dies. Personally, I'll be saying a little prayer that the plan perishes. The Mayor seemed confident yesterday despite the fact that it looked like he didn't have the votes to pass the plan. The Mayor is a brilliant man, so his confidence leads me to believe that he knows something, which makes me worry. Don't get me wrong, I am all about being green. However, the congestion pricing plan seems both ill-conceived and unfair to people that are either poor, or who live in and around the zone. I feel for people that live within a few blocks of the 60th Street border. Those people would be subject to a huge increase in traffic, noise, and pollution. In effect, with a border smack in the middle of our island, rather than at it's entrances, I can forsee absolutely unbearable congestion near the border, which would likely cancel out any pollution benefits from the plan. And if you are that person who lives on 61st Street, is it really fare that you should have to pay $8 to go one block from your home, while everyone from New Jersey and Long Island can pass the border for free (their river toll is credited)? While Bloomberg has pushed this draconian plan, absolutely nothing has been done to deal with our worst congestion dilemma, double parking. Just take a ride down Lexington Avenue this morning, in many places double parked trucks will reduce traffic lanes 3 to 1. Finally, let's face it, Congestion Pricing is a tax. If the plan is approved and doesn't work, who is to say that the congestion tax isn't increased over and over until it is effective- that's what has happened in London. Let's hope that hasn't a chance of happeining here.

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