2 Cooper Square Builds A Foundation Looks Towards "Better Days"

More pics from my Cooper Square/Bowery trip yesterday. Today's focus, 2 Cooper Square, a 15 story, 155,000 square foot residential and retail development with 156 units planned.
The foundation is in, rebar is hurtling slowing skyward, and there are actual people receiving paychecks working on the site. The half of the sign which hasn't been ripped off the wall shows a partial rendering and a proclamation of "Coming 2009". Okay, that won't happen, but at least people will have work for a while. Love the LLC listed on the signwith the optimistic name 'To Better Days, LLC". Now that's the spirit!I'm not sure why the contractor calls himself "10th Avenue Freeze Out", but I have to assume that he is a Springsteen fan, from Jersey, or both. At least it's a peppy tune!
All things considered, the rendering looks nice- a good old fashioned (looking) red bricker with double hung windows! As of the last update it was to be a rental building, completion date is anybody's guess.


  1. This is Atlantic Development's latest attempt at developing market rate rental housing - a far cry from the affordable housing market that made them a success during the early part of this decade. Not sure if the building will ever make its way out of the ground though - rumor has it, Peter Fine spends most of his time rethinking earlier decisions on the most trivial design details....."should it be red? Or should it be....red?"

    I dont know Peter, but at this rate, you will be in the red if you dont focus on the critical path and get this thing moving before the end of 2009!

  2. Peter Fine is well known for "RENT" and "IN THE HEIGHTS". he gave the largest contribution to the democratic party. With all this wealth he cant seem to pay his workers on this site (or any other site) pre-vailing wages. At $15 pr hr, (under pay)yes...they may get a paycheck, but no..they dont recieve medical or any kind of benefit package. just last week a worker fell off a scaffold and was hospitalized. if Mr. Fine made his workers osha-10 certified, this fall may have been prevented!

  3. It's out of the ground. concrete being poured at second level as of yesterday (June 1).

  4. Anyone have an idea when this building will be finished? Where can I find more information? Thanks!!!

  5. Is construction complete? If I want to lease commercial space, who do I get in touch with to find out what is available, asking?

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