Tuesday Morning Links

Good morning all! Sorry for the lack of original content over the past week, but it sure has picked up on the sales front. On a volume basis, I think the first or second quarter will be the bottom. Prices have fallen in the sales market fairly significantly, which is, in combination with low rates, stimulating demand. Prices usually turn up after volume has increased and that increase is reliable. We are not there yet, but there seem to be more people willing to go to contract now than any time since this time last year. I think that there is still a serious lack of pricing power for sellers and that is likely to continue for some time.
As I have been running around, I have been collecting content for the blog along the way, which I will be getting up over the next few days. In the meantime, here are the morning links:
Big Penthouse At Time Warner Takes Big Price Chop (Observer)
Commercial Real Estate Auctions Hit The Net (Observer)
Families Of Crane Victims Sue NYC (Crain's)
Central Park Concession Could Be Wind Powered (Eater)
311 East 11th To Be Named "Village Green", Shoots For LEED Gold (Curbed)
Morgan Stanley Raises $6 Billion For Real Estate Fund (Reuters)
17 City Bridges To See Stimulus Cash (NYDN)
59 Street Bridge Turns 100 (Examiner)


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