Tuesday Midday Update

Things are picking up here in the real estate market (knock wood), so much so that it's been hard to get much blogging off so far this week. In the meantime though, 2 articles that peaked my interest this morning:

Children Face Rejection By Neighborhood (Public) Schools In Manhattan (NY Times) I almost wrote this story myself yesterday. I am zoned for P.S. 290 and my 5 year old was accepted (by lottery). 163 Parents received acceptance letters, and 50 received wait list letters, including a friend in my building. According to the parent coordinator of the school, the amount of pre-registrations was unprecedented. This makes a stressful period for a parent even more stressful. The friend of mine moved to the area specifically for the school. All hope is not lost. Many parent, myself included pre-registered as a contingency which will not be exercised. However, word has it that many other Manhattan schools are having serious issues.

Mortgage Fees Highest In Years (Bloomberg) The banks are lining their pockets by increasing the spread between 10 year T and 30 year mortgage rate. Fees increasing too. Given the sorry state of the banks, perhaps this helps them and costs the taxpayer less, but we pay more on the loans- arrgghh!

More later...


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