BPC Gets Filled In: Millstein's Liberty Luxe Quietly Rises

(L) "Liberty Luxe", (R) Goldman Sachs Tower

There is plenty of construction action all over lower Manhattan, punctuated by the massive undertaking at Ground Zero. But, there is one development in BPC (at North End Avenue between Murray and Warren) that has largely slipped below the radar.

The project is no pip squeak. "Liberty Luxe", owned by Millstein, is just peaking above ground filling the final 2 sites (23 and 24) in Battery Park City, and will total 760,000 square feet. It will consist of 2 towers, 22 and 33 stories, that are designed by Costa Kondylis & Partners. Included will be 40,000 square feet of community space. The smaller building is slated for end of 2010 completion, while the larger tower will be done a few months later. The lot is just North of the Goldman Sachs Tower (pictured above), and just West of the Battery Park ball fields. All signs at this point lead you to believe that they will be rentals.

While the timing for such towers might not be ideal, it is heartening to see so much construction going on in such a small area. In this corner of Manhattan, if you didn't know any better, you'd think we were in boom times.


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