Actual Action And A Glimmer Of Light At Fulton Transit Hub

(L) Fulton & Broadway From the NW, (R) Actual Activity

(L) More Actual Activity, (R) Light Emanating From The Crater Onto The 4 Platform

I've passed the intersection of Fulton Street and Broadway several times this winter and haven't seen any activity until this week. The large crater like pit on the corner, the home of the Fulton Street Transit Center, now thanks to federal stimulus money may actually have a lid! A fancy Oculus lid at that pictured on (assuming the MTA doesn't find away to lose the current batch of cash, a real risk factor).

And now, I have photographic proof that actual construction workers are actually doing something on site. Wonder why this project is costing so much, is so over budget, and so far behind schedule? It seems like, unless I am missing an army of moles, that there are only a few people working on it at a time. Well, at least from the 4 train platform you can finally see the light, literally.


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