Union Square Park Passes Midway Point, Potty Topped, More Crooks Coming

Pavers approaching 15th

Potty Topped (L), Playground (R)

Bishop's Crook (L), Crook Base(C), Pavillion(R)

The Union Square Park renovation has passed its midway point, and more crooks are coming to the square. No, not those kind of crooks! Specifically, Bishop's Crook street lighting. There are three or four already up, but they will total 12 on the north end of the park. They add a nice pre-Panic-of-1907 feel to the place. But that's not all!

All of the tree pits have been dug and more of those Japanese Pagoda trees are on the way. The entire north end has been paved, and work is progressing quickly down the west side of the park with the new pavers nearly reaching 15th Street. The Farmer's Market is due to move from the south end back to its home on the north end Saturday April 4th. For the first time, the farmer will have access to electricity as well as water (although I have no idea where they are hiding the spigots or outlets).

They have done some work on the pavilion to accommodate park staff offices in the future (and of course the restaurant that they never talk about). Finally, there is some action in the playground area with concrete being pour, and yes, the new potty has been topped!


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