30 Great Java Places Courtesy Of NY Times

Ah, java, one of my obsessions! Tipster Kim Sandler pointed me to a New York Times article in today's dining section that points out some of NY's best. Happily, they included 3 of my faves, but missed one as well. The three they mentioned:

Stumptown Coffee (29th off Bway at The Ace Hotel). This Portland import makes a solid, full bodied and tasty americano and has a pretty good cup of joe as well.

Joe, The Art Of Coffee (9 East 13th Street). Not only one of the best cups of coffee in town, but also exceptional lemonade and Arnold Palmers in season.

Gimme! Coffee (228 Mott Street). If you are looking for a cap or an espresso to absolutely blast you to the moon, this is the place. Strongest Americano in town!

Now, the missing coffee shop, Think Coffee (123 Fourth Avenue). In case you haven't guessed I love my coffee and I drink it all black; espressos and americanos are my thing. Think, in my humble opinion makes the smoothest, tastiest, americano in town. No question, haven't had better in the city. Feel free to throw in your two cents, Coffee makes for great debate.


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