Fairway Market Coming To East 86th Street!

(Photo Courtesy Jackie, Picassa)

It's been a big 9 months for East 86th Street. We've had the Barnes and Noble superstore open, the Sephora, H&M, plans for a Shake Shack announced, and now according to sources over at DNA info (that attended the community board meeting on Wednesday night), a Fairway Market is coming to East 86th Street! 240 East 86th Street to be exact, the former home of the 2 level Barnes and Noble (before consolidating into the superstore under The Lucida). It will be a welcome addition.
Confirmed: Fairway market Coming To Upper East Side; CEO Says 2010 Opening (DNAinfo)


  1. I hope this is true.

  2. Is this an April fools joke? I've been in this neighborhood for 20 years and a store like this would be much appreciated. There is no Whole foods or Trader Joes in this densely populated area. Inshallah we will have Fairway open up here.

  3. I hope everyone understands the impact on the neighborhood here!!!!! Look at the Fairway on 74th Street. Don't be angry when there are palletts all over our sidewalk

  4. You may be right but either way the Fairway at 74th street is run down. Have you ever gone there at 5PM? It is like a war zone so I do not want that for our neighborhood. Also seems like the investors who own the company now are very different from the family that ran it before. When I look at the prices at the downtown store they keep going up and are not even competitive anymore plus the produce is not as good as it used to be

  5. Fairway at east 86th street=jobs. Fairway at east 86th street=more options for residents who live there. Food prices continue to rise no matter where you are. A market like this would be a great addition wherever you live. I wish I had a Fairway near me. Their selection of items are the best in the city. By the way, I believe the store is opening in three weeks (February 18th or so). No...I do not work for Fairway, but I do know people who actually work there. 86th street is such a great place not only to live, but shop as well...and now a Fairway..awesome!!


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