Actual Work Spotted At McSam's 132 Fourth, Despite Continuing Complaints

Yep, for the first time in months there was plenty of clanking going on at Sam Chang's stalled hotel on the corner of 13th and Fourth Avenue. And with the clanking comes another series of complaints for the DOB to attend to. During the first nine days of this month there have already been 6 complaints and 4 visits to the property by the DOB. There remains a partial stop work order on the property thanks to an unresolved complaint to the DOB regarding the height of the building that dates back to June of 09. While the caller may be a bit overzealous, McSam was nailed back in January for working contrary to the order, which prohibits work above 75'. The workers that I spotted today were on the 5th floor, but I'd still be willing to bet that the complaints will continue to pile up. At this rate, the DOB might as well save the transportation expense and set up a field office there. And, gotta wonder, who might this person be that continues to file complaints, he/she would certainly be a hero to the last couple floors of lot-liners that are losing their windows.


  1. I really dont understand how our planning commission that nitpicks the tiniest details of nice projects, manages to approve anything that sam chang builds. I am a huge fan of new development in NYC but I hate McChang with a passion. I think the man should be banned from ever owning any property in this city, he can do whatever he wants with his travel lodges by JFK. If I was a billionaire I would probably tear down anything hes ever built in this city.

    - Emil

  2. People always talk, but they dont act...If I were McSam, i would build away!! If I were black, I would run more. If I were asian, I would go to Med school..yada yada..keep talking.


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