Wanted: Manhattan's Wile E. Coyote

Video Courtesy WABC TV.
For the fourth time this year, a coyote has been spotted in Manhattan. After sightings around Columbia, Central Park, and near the Chelsea Piers, this time a coyote (not sure if there is more than one) was spotted last night coming out of the Holland Tunnel and strutting down Broadway, before being cornered near Church St and Thomas Street. The coyote was apparently cornered by 20 police and animal control officers, but managed to elude the pursuers yet again by squeezing under a fence. The coyote was last seen heading south on Church Street. So, is it time for a blogger to go on a coyote hunt? Could be. I have to head out for some blog material, so I might as well give it a shot. Where would it be? I think a coyote would be most comfortable in a park like setting and if he made it to Battery Park or The Battery he would have been found by now. So, chances are, if it hasn't found another tunnel, it is probably on the river somewhere. Given previous sightings along the West Side, and the fact that coyotes prefer trails and have better observational learning skills than dogs, the area from Tribeca to 34th Street is my best bet. Next report from the field...
Update: The coyote has been captured! I had the right idea going over to Gansevoort and the West Side highway, but missed him by a mile! Too bad my twitter on blackberry was disfunctional, otherwise I would have been there. Bummer!
Tribeca Coyote Captured (CityRoom)


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