Mini Update On 10-17 Jackson And 200 West 72nd

10-17 Jackson: I have been in regular contact with ownership and sales team over the past few weeks. The decision has been made to handle the marketing in house and they are working to quickly get the website up and marketing material together. Opening has been pushed back to the beginning of May. The pricing is still being tweaked and is not final, but in my view, seems like they are taking a reasonable approach and not getting carried away. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to keep updated on the project (

200 West 72nd Street: The building is open and I had a nice preview on Tuesday. The finishes are sharp (although I thought the appliances could be nicer for the price), the light and views are very good, and the building is stylish. The pricing to me was a bit of a shocker: 1 beds w/ home office from $5400, 2 beds from $7800, convert 3's from $15,500, and 3 beds from $17,800 (give a take a few bucks-these numbers from recollection). I guess it takes Green to live Green!


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