Introducing The 24 Hour Open House!

In a move that will either revolutionize the way real estate is sold in Manhattan, or just aggravate brokers who refuse to go the extra mile, A. Fine Company, Inc. is proud to introduce the 24 hour open house! Why? Because we want to move this apartment and move it now, that's why! And what better way to sell this apartment that offer the greatest access in shortest period of time. Here is how it will work. Since no building in their right mind would allow me to have an open house in the middle of the night, we will be holding the open house from 10am-5pm this Friday (3/12), Saturday(3/13), and Sunday(3/14) and during three hours on Monday to be determined. A grand total of 24 hours. "I've never seen anything like this before", commented Khan Belmond, the associate broker who is tasked with covering the open house with A. Fine Company founder, yours truly. With a 3 day run in the NY Times real estate classifieds, a Marketplace ad, and listed in just about every form of internet marketing possible, it will now be seen if we are busy or just lounging on the owners' couch watching Sportscenter. As with anything new, anything can happen. If 10 or 12 people show up for your average 2 hour open house, will we just get the same numbers but spread over a much longer time frame? Or, will we get much better numbers? We'll see. One thing for sure, it is a great listing and a very nice place to spend an extended period of time.
440 East 57th Street #2D, 1100Sf 1 bed, 1.5 baths, magazine quality finishes. $785,000.


  1. Is this available for co-broke?

  2. Yes, brokers are both welcomed and protected.

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