Pathetic Preservation Of Provincetown Playhouse Another NYU Whopper!

I was walking around the Village this morning to come across this pathetic site. At first, not noting which street I was on, I thought, what is this spec of a brick building being swallowed up by new construction. It only took a moment to gather my thoughts and remember that this was the site of the historic Provincetown Playhouse, ya know, where the likes of Eugene O'Neil an Bette Davis got their starts? It was a pretty building, and I could go on and on about historic figures like Upton Sinclair and Margaret Sanger who shared ideas in the "Liberal Club" that adjoined the playhouse, but, what is the sense? All that is left now is a measly 12' tall by 15' wide piece (and the 3 walls inside supposedly) engulfed by the larger building. What is left is but a spec of what was originally there. This is not preservation. This is an insult. What's a few historic personalities though, when NYU is happy to trash God (as evidenced by the St. Ann's Church desecration). Yet, somehow, despite even the wrath of God, the NYU juggernaut keeps swallowing property after property and the historic character that goes with it. Apparently they cannot be stopped! We might as well get it over with, zone Houston to 15th from Bowery to Sixth as the NYU kingdom and let them do whatever they want- it seems they will anyhow.


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