Monday, March 16, 2009

Park Avenue Sliver Building Gets...Glassed?

It's official folks, where there is no glass for blocks and blocks in either direction, there is glass now! Where? Park Avenue and 87th street, home of a highly unusual "sliver" building at 1055 Park Avenue. The super slim lot at 19' wide x 102' deep abuts 1049 Park Avenue and eliminates 7 floors worth of lot line windows at 1049- man, they must have been pissed! Despite that, and the design, that as neighbors interviewed called "inconsistent with the neighborhood", all it took was a year in court to get the project moving. Talk about a New York miracle! Well, the residents at 1055 Park will have no shortage of windows, that's for sure. The blueish-green glass is reminiscent of 300 East 79th. The Eleven story building will be divided into 5 "unique" residences. Pricing is not yet available.


  1. 1049 park avenue? felix would be pissed,oscar could care less.

    201 east 79 street? think you mean 300 east 79 street.

  2. but why the red stripes on the glass?

  3. #1- Man, you are sharp! I haven't thought about Felix and Oscar in relation to 1049 Park in years! I think Felix's room faced Park (I don't know how he dealt with the noise, but Oscar probably faced an air shaft East, so no problem).And you are correct about the building on 79th, thanks.

    #2- They ran out of Heineken. Kidding. Don't know, don't understand the stripes at all.