From LIC North: A 20 Story Condo Tower Near Hallets Cove

Hallets Tower?

Adjacent Piano Factory Lofts (Former Adirondack Furniture Factory)

Wow, this is a biggie! A 20 story condo rising in LIC North, just a couple hundred yards from Sculpture Park. Not much is known about this building aside from the fact that it is being developed by Empire Holdings, the same group that developed Hallets Cove, a successful waterfront condo steps away. The building is being built just in from the former Adirondack Furniture Building (which is being converted to condos under the original use name of Piano Factory Lofts). Since Piano Factory is only 5 or 6 stories, the new tower should have open city views- maybe even good enough to see the "Waterfalls" in the distance.
Sales are expected to begin at the unnamed tower this fall. If they need help with a name, how about Hallets Tower?


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