Gehry's Beekman Tower Rising, And The New York Times Loves It!

Computer rendering courtesy The Real Deal via Artefactory

"Hypnotic", "Landmark", "Intoxicating", are just a few of the words used by NY Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff, in Saturday's edition to describe Frank Gehry's 76 story tower that is rising on Beekman Street downtown. Quite a review, despite noting the uninspired 'simple 5 story red brick base used to house a school'. Gehry, it seems hasn't had much luck in NYC, but with these kind of reviews, it seems that is all about to change.
Looking Skyward In Lower Manhattan (NY Times)
Beekman Tower Takes Shape (The Real Deal)
Construction Watch: Beekman Tower While It's Short (Curbed)


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