Mystery Solved! 26-26 Jackson To Be 43 Unit Residential Condo

It has long been a mystery, the building on the corner of Jackson Avenue and Purves Street in Long Island City. While the 12 story glass tower has risen details have been more than scant until now.

On a trip to LIC this morning, I happened upon one of the owners of the project who filled me in on the details. It will be a residential condo as suspected, 43 units with luxury finishes, a 12 hour human doorman, and a 12 hour virtual doorman, a 12th floor gym, and a roof deck with great views and barbecuing facilities. The building is expected to open for sales around August 1st and will be represented by Peter Ashe, who will occupy a sales office across the street. Prices should be 'around $600 per square foot'. The building does have a name, but the owner has refused to divulge that info just yet. According to the Brooklyn Eagle, the architect is Robert Scarano who won an award for innovate design of the project (I guess you win some, you lose some). I'll have more on Purves Street, which is quickly turning into an all luxury cul-de-sac, shortly (including a hot new green condo with a name).


  1. Any idea who is going to be doing the selling?

  2. this place is SO overpriced ! The monthy Main. is over $1 per sq feet ! That is absolutly insane ! 1 bedroom which is 620 sq ft is asking price is $480 on the 2nd floor and 1 bedroom with tiny 65sq ft home office with a total of 787 sq ft is starting @ 530 on the 2nd floor and 8-10k more every floor you go higher. Goodluck selling even 1 apartment at these prices and with the market in a dump situation. Let me also add there is no parking and parking in the area is Very Limited.

  3. amazing building, prices came down now, looking at a 2 bedroom


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