A Lot To Watch With View And Swimming Hole

If anyone is wondering exactly where the water table lies on the coast of LIC this picture should answer your question! But, what a view! This lot is located on the East River at Vernon Boulevard and 44th Avenue, and a huge lot it is. Over the past several years there have been several plans and a couple of owners. Well, it seems action is finally happening. According to the construction folks on site, excavation is nearly complete and the foundation work should start any day. There is a building permit on the DOB website which indicates a 29 story building going up, with 546,772 square feet of residential space. The owner, whose office I spoke to, is reluctant to reveal details just yet, so if anyone has further info or renderings, pass it on.


  1. Any idea what is happening at the intersection of vernon and jackson?

    the building is underway but no noe seems to know exactly or have renderings.

  2. It's another condo. The owner isn't saying much, but I have notes at the office on what he has said. I'll get back with details shortly.

  3. cool. interested in seeing what the plans are for that. It's a great location.

  4. Too close for comfort to the
    huge Housing projects,nah !


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