Union Square Partnership Reveals Hot New Renderings

Birdseye View From NorthEast

Expanded Playground Space

Fresh from my email inbox are new renderings of Union Square Park's North end makeover. According to the email, excavation work for the extended Pavilion and insulated tree pits and storm drains is nearly complete. However, the best part of the email was tantalizing new renderings of the finished product.
For more and larger images, check:
Union Square NYC Website


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I don't know who sent you these plans but they actually are not "new." They've been out there for months, if not much longer. And although Curbed thought they illustrated the lack of a restaurant, upon a few enlarging clicks, there are red umbrellas and cafe tables!

    I'm wondering who told you these were "new?"

    Washington Sq Park Blog


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