Power Watch: Yorkville Losing Voltage...

Residents on the Upper East Side from 77th to 111th Street have been asked to turn off all non-essential appliances as an 8% voltage loss to the area has been reported. Subways are a mess as several lines have lost service- the F, G, N, 7, and A trains are affected. Another 1500 or so Bronx residents are without power. Well, at least we made it a few hours before multiple disruptions. Let's hope it gets better before it gets worse!
Update- The Hungarian Deli on 81st and 2nd has only partial power. I ran down to buy some Hungarian Sausage to help the cause. If anyone else wants to help out a small merchant, that would be the place it can be done.
Update- NYPD communication vans are on the streets using loudspeakers to urge people in Yorkville to conserve power. I spoke with a Con Ed worker, who was lukewarm in his assurance that we would "probably" make it through the night without a major outage. Westchester now has the most current outages with over 2000 without power. In Yorkville on 81st and 2nd and 87th and 3rd are reporting outages.


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