Storm Watch: What A Storm

The Line of thunder which is currently passing overhead packed a major wallop on the front end. I'm not sure I've seen a stronger gust in Manhattan- at least from my terrace. As I noticed my windows blowing open, I also saw my cherished garden- complete with 40 lbs container plants, blowing around like thimbles. I rushed out to retrieve these plants so they would not get blown from the terrace altogether. In doing so, I had an abundance of dirt dust and other debris rush into my apartment in a matter of seconds. The windows were clearly bowing, and for a moment, I thought a tornado might actually be near. I noticed lawn sized garbage bags blowing down the street and heard crashes of glass. The familiar flagpole on a neighbors penthouse terrace seems to have been bent over or cracked in half. It was mighty hot and storms were expected, but that was a doozy. I would figure that gusts had to have reached at least 60mph, if not 80mph.
Gotta make you wonder how windows at new construction fared, and scaffolding, and other possible airborne objects. I would expect damage reports shortly.


  1. Had a similar experience from my 19th floor apartment nearby. I have some patio furniture that blows around a bit when a storm blows by--but this was different. I opened the slider and was immediately blown back by a gust that nearly blew a large mirror off my wall in the living room. I made my way back to my balcony just in time to grab the leg of a chair that had gone airborn and would have without a doubt blown over the rail and down to the street. At the same time, lightening lit up the clouds in the sky in colors I've never seen at night--blue, green and red. Wild! A report of a tornado would not have surprised me.

  2. Yep, that was something! Maybe it was just our hood, but it seemed like that gust was way over 60. I really thought there was a tornado nearby the way my windows almost buckled in.


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