Balazs' Standard Hotel To Open 1st Week Of December

The Entry

Half draped

A party tent is being erected, drapes grace the windows on the lower 7 floors, and there are already well dressed (somewhat snooty looking) attendants roaming the ground floor. According to a staffer in the building they are ready for soft launch and their first guests on December 1st. I tried to cajole my way in to have a look at one of the finished rooms only to be told that the first pictures will be a Vanity Fair exclusive- excusez-moi! So, what I saw from the outside looking up was off-white sheer drapes, a white orb-like lighting fixture and a sixties-ish looking white chair at each window- so much for an exclusive. While the upper floors looked like they had a ways to go the lower 7 floors looked just about finished, as did the bright yellow revolving door. So finally, The Standard looks like a reality.


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