Trend Watch- Why wait to move into a new condo to meet your neighbors? A new trend is taking hold, message boards and blogs to unite neighbors before they even close on their condos. Sure some of the info may not always be precise, and the collectivism and rapid dissemination of info can keep developers on their toes, but such is life with the Internet.

A reader who is a future owner of a unit at 10-63 Jackson in LIC, with a message board (, reminded me of this trend. I also had a few owners of 5SL passing along info, some accurate, some not, from their message board. It's not all gripes or comparing notes, in many cases relationships and alliances are being built before people even meet face to face.

If you've had an experience of note as a result of a building message board or blog, do tell, I'd love to report on it.


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