LIC North: Queens Blvd Muni Garage Finally In Demo

It's been a long time coming, but the hideously ugly municipal parking garage at the corner of Queens Blvd and Jackson Avenue is finally in demolition phase. Just a small but important part of the future Queens Blvd beautification plan that will include a small park just on the other side of the garage, as well as Park Avenue-like planters up and down Jackson Avenue, as well as other improvements. The muni garage lot will house an 800,000sf office building, part of Tishman Speyer's ambitious 3.2 Mil square foot Gotham Center development.
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  1. c'mon, good luck financing a new building here any time in the near future. parking garage to parking lot.

  2. The city (NYC) is already signed up as a long term tenant for the entire building. Take that lease to the bank, no luck needed.

  3. dude what rock are you living under?

    hopefully they'll make this lot available for long-term public permit parking.

  4. #2 has a point, they already have a tenant. The interesting part will be the other 2 Mil+ sq footage that they are planning to build. When and will it actually happen?

  5. health department leased about 80% of the space


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