LIC: "Prism", Condo With Light Show Neighbors One Hunters Point

(image credit:Gilman Architects)

"The Prism" (near), "One Hunters Point (far)

Thanks to the commenter who asked me to look into the building which is rising just West of One Hunters Point. A fantastical building it will be. "The Prism" (working name for now), an 81 unit condo, will rise 125 feet on Borden Avenue between 5th Street and Vernon. This is no ordinary condo- this one comes with a 24 hour color light clock. As you can see from the rendering (which will soon be updated), there is a gap in the middle of the building that gives the illusion of a twist. That gap will be filled with a 24 hour light display with one color for every hour. If your building is cool blue, that means it's probably 3 in the morning and you've had a good night. Bright Red? Well, it's probably 11 am and you are late for work! The colors will slowly change hour by hour. The developer is also in talks with the MTA to see if it can project colors onto the monolith that houses the ventilation for the Midtown Tunnel a tad West of the new condo.

More details:
a water feature with a bridge to the lobby
ample parking
glass curtain wall
excellent views
marketing expected to start just around the new year
pricing yet to be revealed

Tom Gilman, founder and principal in charge of Gilman Architects, is the brains behind this project. I have to hand it to him, the project is imaginative and the antithesis of the plain jane condos that have become all too common in LIC. For once, it looks like the creative spirit of LIC may be properly reflected in one of its projects. You can add this to your list of colorful characters in LIC!


  1. Thanks for the information Andrew!

  2. this doesn't look like great news for Hunters View. That building is a lot taller than I would have imagined.

  3. Wow that towers over Hunters View! All well, the more the merrier.

    Good luck getting these units to sell in this marketplace.

  4. It is was expected to be the same hight as HP and it is. It should not block any of HP views since HP has no windows on its lot line.

  5. #1- You are welcome. I am happy that I could help!
    #2- Same size.
    #3- Same size.
    #4- Correct.

  6. Wow! impressive. The crtain wall ads alot to the looks! I beleive its done by Westside Windows and Doors! Nice job.

  7. Actually, according to their website, the curtain wall is being supplied/installed by Euroteq Window Systems.

  8. Well I'm here again! Dude, I had you bookmarked on my computer, given that I am an assiduous reader of your blog, but then I had to format my pc and lost my favorite sites folder! Anyways, I'm glad I found you, I will be visiting you more often.

  9. Wow! Its a great architecture.... Really its looking awesome. Thanks very much for sharing it. Great Work!

  10. Excellent blog, I seem to have enjoyed much reading and watching each blog entry. I love architecture and this is the main reason why I entered this site, I hope you continue doing this job so rewarding.


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