Post Office Rant- I went to the Cooper Station Post Office a couple of minutes ago to buy a stamp and send out a time sensitive letter. Both stamp vending machines were dark and had notices that "as of November 21st, the stamp vending machines will no longer be in service". I was told by an attendant that I would have to wait in line for a stamp (usually a 5-15 minute wait). When I got to the window I told her I felt kind of silly going to the window for a stamp. After some quizzing, she told me that the position of the person who stocks and fixes the stamp machines was eliminated and so were the machines. What wisdom! Now the thousand or so people who go to the post office to buy a stamp or book of stamps from the machines will now have to wait in line, overburdening the attendants and presumably increase the need for more of them, which of course would cost more money than keeping the machines and the guy who stocks them. But then again, it's the post office, so we'll probably end up suffering even more in the name of mismanagement.
P.S. Another sign noted that "as of Nov. 29th we will no longer process passport applications".


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