Frederick Douglass Circle Is Open! Well, Sort of...

This morning I took a trip up to check up on the never-ending development of Frederick Douglass Circle on the northwest corner of Central Park. And the good news is that it is open, that is, the gate was open and I didn't see any signs about trespassing, so in I went. The circle looks great. There are numerous granite slabs to sit on engraved with quotes and facts about the famed Abolitionist, orator, author, and women's suffragist and statesman. While the 8' tall statue of Frederick is once again under wraps (he's been in and out a bit lately), I managed to get many shots showing the majority of features. What is holding up a "1 year project" that started in 2004? The latest work seems to be on the 60' wall that should serve as a fountain as well. At least one worker (who didn't see me) appeared to be inside the water wall installing pipe insulation. Everything else seems ready to go. Hopefully the circle opens to non-trespassers soon!


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