Mini Condo O' Rama: Lower Frederick Douglass Edition

Left: Newly opened Livmor Condo (115th+116th) Right: Park Central Condo (118th+119th)

That's my name! Left: The Douglass Condo (114th), Right: The Douglas rental (117th)

Gentrify me! Left: Frizzante and The Winery (117th) and Starbucks at SoHa 118 (118th)

Left: Vacant lot at 117th, Is that beam a 421-a marker? Right, FD Mosaic in Cathedral Pkwy station

Have I beat the Frederick Douglass horse to death yet? Maybe, but I've got the shots so I am going to go with them.
While most NYC development has ground to a halt, I was impressed by how much is continuing to happen on FDB south of 119th. It really has gentrified. Starbucks, Rite Aid, a wine bar? As much as it has cleaned up, if you look at the wrong block you would struggle to realize that you are in New York. For that, I am a bit sad, but, I guess it beats vacant lots.
Lower Frederick Douglass: Gateway 2 Rises From The Ashes (AFB)
Frederick Douglass Circle Is Open! Well, Sort Of...(AFB)


  1. Those condos looks really great. Wish I can also have those property someday. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep posting!


  2. I want to see the interior layout and designs of the condo, I hope you will post soon.. thanks!

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  3. Is there any update in this condo?



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