Union Square: 15 USW Looking Fly!

The scaffolding is finally off at 15 Union Square West and the product looks finished on the outside and nearly finished on the inside. The former Tiffany Building with it's preserved arches covered in floor to ceiling glass look great! However, there is some ambiguity over how many are sold, in contract, etc.. It seems that sales have been put on hold for whatever reason. StreetEasy still shows 6 apartments available (and a couple units closed), but click over to BHS Select website and you get a big nada! I am sure to be back with an update on this shortly. In the meantime, enjoy the view!


  1. I'll disagree with you for once, Andrew.

    This looks like something out of a child's imagination, which is OK when that someone is Gaudi.

    This just looks cluttered, and not in a good way.

  2. i agree... i don't see how any condsideration was given to ensuring this building "fit in"... seems like it has been just planted there without taking notice of the surroundings....

  3. I think it is an amazing building and is just what the union square skyline has been waiting for!

  4. I also think it's a great building. Architecture does not always have to fit in or it'll look forced. Having different styles make the neighborhood look organic, like it's changing with the times. It's ever evolving.


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