Saturday, November 22, 2008

Citi Watch: No Town Cars This Morning

Citigroup is clearly on the rocks. One has to assume that the Treasury and The Fed are again working overtime this weekend on some sort of scheme to rescue (if you can call it that) the bank. Many indicators point to either a nationalization of the bank, a break-up, or a combination of these, happening this weekend. It would appear that the leak of President-Elect Obama's pick for Treasury Secretary was timed to give added legitimacy to any negotiations which will likely involve the potential nominee Timothy Geithner.

If the Fed and Treasury are plotting and planning this weekend, it would appear that the negotiations were not happening at the Citigroup building this morning. There were no abundance of black town cars parked outside. So, perhaps, negotiations are being undertaken downtown at the NY Fed offices?

We'll keep a close eye out. Something will happen this weekend.


  1. Citi's headquarters and CEO office aren't in this building. They are a block over on Park Avenue.

  2. Yep. I was clearly watching the wrong building. What do you make of that bailout part 2?

  3. I think it is a necessary step. The worst mistake, of many, made by the Treasury was letting Lehman fail. I cannot understand why they let that happen. Citi failing is just not an option.

  4. The true cost of letting Lehman fail continues to add up. Crushing the Fannie and Freddie preferred holders was also a colossal mistake. Had the fed and treasury done the right thing on those issues we would have saved Billions if not trillions.