Friday, November 14, 2008

Union Square Gets Curbed, Paved, And 9 Japanese Pagoda Trees

Major progress has been made on the North end of Union Square Park and the Farmers will be moving into their new, nicer spaces starting next week. Granite curbs have been installed, pavers cover the entire area, and best of all the 9 Japanese Pagoda trees have made a fall arrival after all!

It is a dramatic improvement from the beat up asphalt jungle that it was before. The clean, open space, with the addition of the trees and the crook neck throw back lampposts exude sophistication and a Parisian feel. I am sure that the farmers and shoppers alike will be happy as the new space has been designed with drainage in mind. The farmers have also been promised electrical and plumbing facilities, but I as of yet to figure out where they are located. So far so good at Union Square!

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