Friday Morning Links & Comment

Good morning all! Looks like the swine flu strikes again with 4500 kids in Queens getting an unexpected vacation. While I don't buy into the media hysteria which quickly vanished, I don't think it's easy to dismiss a flu virus that spreads easily in May. The City and State have both made a concerted effort NOT to test. I think this is a disservice and a blatant attempt to bury the story. I'm no doctor, but you would figure that those exposed now would have some sort of immunity, should it come back a fiercer version this winter. I think people have the right to know.
In other news, last night I attended the East 86th Street Association meeting regarding its plans for a makeover. The association has secured $2,215,000 for new Bishops Crook lampposts to line the length of the street (but the installation is delayed a year thanks to the city contracting process), new planters, benches, garbage cans, bollards and more. The news that got the most positive response was that the marquee that Duane Reade is using for signage on 86th West of Lexington is being audited by the DOB. I did have the chance to approach DOB about the shrink wrapping of building with advertisements, and it fell on deaf ears- they seemed to have no interest.
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