Rant: Lack Of Transparency Escalates Suspicion Of Swine Flu

I usually don't rant twice in two or three days, but this has been bugging me. It has been clear from the start that in an effort to prevent panic, Mayor Bloomberg and the Health Department have been systematically downplaying the Swine Flu virus. First, the Mayor decided that it was not necessary to test people who were healthy otherwise and only test the very sick. This in effect kept the documented case numbers down, which in turn lessened the odds of panic or severe economic impact. While that makes sense in ways, it lacks transparency and on some level honesty. Then the Mayor made numerous comments downplaying the virus, many of which he probably now regrets. Just ask the widow of fatality #1 in Queens. Now, strike three in my book, is the lack of information regarding the past three fatalities- all three, despite ages of 34,41, and "50's", have all been labelled as having "underlying health conditions". That phrase is far too vague and the lack of transparency only exacerbates potential fears and suspicions. Let's give "honesty is the best policy" a shot here!


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