Hudson Hill Gets Woody, Chops Prices

After spending a few days in the neighborhood, I have to say, Hudson Hill Condominium has grown on me. The "Facade Sale" which is chopping up to 29% off of original prices is one thing, but it is the actual wood-like facade that fascinates me. I would venture to say that I haven't seen the use of this specific Trespa panel, which is made of 70% renewable wood fibers, anywhere in the city. From the outside it is hard to distinguish from actual 100% wood. The panelling is warm, and resembles redwood or something along those lines. It does look completely out of place, like something that you would see in Vail, but in a good way. Kudos to Ken Horn, Alchemy, and FX Fox Fowle for having the courage to try something different. I think it turned out pretty nice- now we'll see if those price chops get things moving.


  1. Andrew, was the building that this replaced nice?

  2. The buzz on the net is that it was a decent prewar building with courtyard. Some people liked it, others didn't. I spent plenty of time down there 5-6 years ago, and I don't recall the building. I'll have to search the net for you.

  3. This is a really nice building although I did like the old one too. I have not been inside to see the apartments although a friend of mine has and said they are better than most she has seen.


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