Union Square Park Gets Tree Happy, Happy Kids To Follow

Japanese Pagodas lining Union Square West, (R) trees in the west playground

(L) In the background, 35' Northern Catalpa, nice brickwork too (R) pavilion work

(L) playground surface is multicolored to absorb less heat (R) view from east

Things are really moving along at Union Square Park. Weekend before last, a dozen Japanese Pagoda trees were planted to line the West side of the park. Let's just say that the Union Square Partnership doesn't mess when it comes to trees. Wimpy trees they are not, reaching around 25' at the onset. Visually, the addition of the trees is a delight, and a huge upgrade to the former asphalt jungle that was the Farmers Market. But it doesn't stop there- all sorts of trees have been hauled in to fill the playground area with shade producing foliage. Perhaps most impressive is a 35' Northern Catalpa waiting to be planted somewhere near the center of the playground. In addition, 6 Saucer Magnolias, 2 Golden Rains, and 2 Dawn Redwoods will fill the playground (many have already been planted). And, about that playground- you can see the Western portion (for toddlers) is nearly complete. The area which includes a sandpit, castle type jungle gym, and swings is now expected to open to children by the end of June (you heard it here first). The rest of the playground should be open by Fall depending on the progress of the pavilion and new restroom structure. If past performance is any indication, I'm sure it will be delivered on time or sooner.


  1. trees planted on 96th street between park and lex today too.


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