Apartment Flash/Update- 2 Bed/2 Bd w/ dining area off Sutton Place, 24hr doorman, $3500!
This price I had to call to confirm as correct, and it is. The apartment has a 17' master, a 15' 2nd bedroom, 2 full baths, a 27' living room, and a generous dining nook. The apartment will be completely renovated over the next couple of weeks. Call 646-237-4170 if this sounds like the apartment for you.
The best rental deals seem to be in the 2 bedroom category, where I have several piling up in the "cheap heap". Many of these apartments, like the one I mentioned on Beekman Place last week for $3800 (and still available) are priced more like 1 bedrooms just a couple of months ago. It would be fair to say that if you look hard enough, you'll find plenty of rentals that are 20% off of summer prices.


  1. Andrew - you tend to focus more on the East side, but the same thing is happening on the West side. We recently rented a 2-BR pre-war apartment in the low 80s with a huge kitchen, fully-renovated with brand new floors and closets for $3,500. When we originally looked at apartments this past summer, I think a place like this was going for more like $4,500. To your point, this is down about 20% since the summer.


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