Friday Morning Links

Corcoran Closes Harlem Office (The Real Deal)
Zell Trumps Zuckerman After Macklowe Purchase (Bloomberg)
Recessionomics: Manhattan's Ungentrification (Gawker)
Fed Buying Mortgage Bonds Again (Bloomberg)
Sloane Mansion Sees $9 Mil Price Chop (Observer)
West Village: One Jackson Getting Glassed (Curbed)
MTA To Spend Stimulus Cash On Fulton Hub (NY Times)
Bonus Blues: Damn! Obama Calls 08' Bonuses "Shameful" (NY Times)
Drier Indicted For Selling Fake Real Estate Notes (ABC News)


  1. ty comrade obama, you have destroyed my will to work and succeed, and now you will ruin what is left of wall street and capitalism as we know it. remember who it is that employes your middle class. fool.

  2. LOL! Let's remember that the banks were partially socialized before Obama got into office. If you want to knock him for continuing that trend, you have a point.


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