The Dream Classic Six Is Back

The August Classic Six, Same layout and detail.

I've had many inquiries to this day regarding a post back in August about the "Dream Classic Six". It was a gorgeous prewar with exceptional detail, a working wood burning fireplace, and a partial Central Park view. Good news, the same apartment on the 10th floor is now available. It has not been priced yet, but it should be right around $6800./mo.. The apartment was just vacated, so it's too early for photos. For a good ideal of what it looks like here is the same layout from August (finishes very similar) click here. 1 Block from Central Park in the upper 50's. Just a heads up.


  1. I'm in LOVE with that apartment. Let's move in!~

    Love, Ayesha (since I can't log in with my Google/Blogger ID AGAIN...)

  2. can u leave ur phone number to me???

  3. you can always reach us at our main office # 646-237-4170.

  4. What is the address? I want to know where this building is...thanks

  5. what a beauty house design, looks like those house in the beauty Venice city, with a romantic view to the canals and the lights of city in the night.


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