Monday Morning Links

Lehman Sues Swig Claiming Default On 25 Broad And 45 Broad Loans (AP)
Touche! Spinola Rails At Crains: Media Responsible For Hype, Not Brokers (Crains)
Streetscapes: A Look At Some Depression Era Banks In Manhattan (NY Times)
Super Sunday National Luxury Real Estate Wrap (Luxist)
Shoddy Journalism: NY Times Writes About Blogs, Misses A. Fine Blog (NY Times)
Many Griping About New NYT RE Website- W. 97th No Longer UWS, Etc. (Curbed)
Italian Buys Majority Stake In The Flatiron Building (Int'l Herald Tribune)
More Complaints From LIC Residents About 7 Train Track Work (NY Times)
Self Professed "Coffee Geek", Opens Coffee House In LIC (Your Nabe)


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