"Tisserie" In Union Square Packs It In

Tisserie, the bakery/eatery at Union Square (17th and Broadway) has sadly packed it in. A well dressed gentleman outside, who I believe was the owner, encouraged me to visit his Soho store and a sign in the window explained that a bigger Tisserie bistro would be opening at the Park Central Hotel soon. The gentleman outside said that he's faces rent increases 3 years running and that this year's demand would have amounted to more than a doubling of his current rent. "In this economy, forget it" he lamented. It is indeed a sad day when one of the world's best almond croissants is no longer in easy reach. Au revoir, Tisserie, you will certainly be missed! I guess from now on I'll have to burn a couple of calories in pursuit.


  1. Oh no. Those almond croissants are heavenly...


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