LIC Update: Pepsi In Pieces, Old Hickory Park Open

Pieces of the Pepsi Sign (little red pieces at top)

Old Hickory Park is new again!

Just an update on a couple of stories visited a ways back.
Pepsi Sign- The sign has now moved to it's new foundation a hundred yards or so from the old spot, and the sign is ready for it's letters. The letters and old Pepsi bottles in a very small pieces at the base of the sign waiting to be put back together again.
Old Hickory Park- The little park at the junction of Vernon and Jackson (across fr new condo phenom 10-17 Jackson) has been revamped and is now open to the public. Playground equipment for the 5 and under set has been installed along with cobblestones and chess tables for the 85 and older set.
Traffic- Despite the lack of 7 train service last weekend, open houses at L Haus, Powerhouse, and 5 SL seemed to be very busy. Developers are anxious and sales agents are openly encouraging offers. Toll Brothers has begun offering 3.99% financing for conventional mortgages, if you have a high credit score and a dash of courage.


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